meetingpoint for the Bangkok airport taxi reservation

Book your taxi from Bangkok Airport

Arranging transportation from the airport in Bangkok to your holiday destination in Thailand is important, right? Book your taxi from Bangkok Airport to places such as Cha-am, Hua-hin, Pranburi, Bankrut or other destinations in Thailand.

Can we reserve the Airport taxi today that will take us directly to the apartment? Yes sure! And the advantage is that we know where your apartment is, so you don’t have to search because our driver will be informed in advance. The drivers will be waiting for you at the meeting point at Bangkok airport. As an illustration look at the attached photo of ‘the meeting point’ at Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok. You will see your name at the meeting point!

Bangkok Airport taxi reservation

Bangkok Airport taxi reservation

See example.

Use our taxi service as follows:

Fill in the form >receive confirmation >pay at your destination.

Taxi for
2 Person*
Aircon Minivan
voor 2 -10 people*
Cha-am 2300 Baht /ride 2800 Baht /ride
Hua Hin 2300 Baht/ride 3000 Baht /ride
Pranburi 2500 Baht/ride 3200 Baht /ride
Pattaya 2300 Baht/ride 3000 Baht /ride

* pricelist for 2019

Can we also make a reservation from the Donmuang Airport?

Absolutely, this airport is popular for domestic flights and flights within Asia. The meeting point is also the meeting point in the arrival hall and the price per taxi costs 5 euros more than Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Do you want to stay up to date?
For the flight schedules, arrivals and departures, please check out this website:

Can I take a regular Bangkok Airport taxi myself?

Yes, that is possible. The taxi service at Suvarnabhumi Airport is 1 floor below the arrival hall. So on arrival you must take the escalator or elevator down with your suitcases. Outside there are various counters and ques
to attend to. Join the que in front of the counter, wait and they will what to do. A voucher will be issued from which you will receive a copy. This shows the driver’s license number. You will also find telephone numbers and addresses where you can go for complaints, so keep the receipt Finally, the voucher clearly explains in English and Thai how the taxi costs are calculated, so you do not know this in advance. Which is nice.


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