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The culture in Thailand

thai cultuur buddisme

We had a page dedicated to culture in Thailand years ago but it is time for an update as a country and culture in Asia changed.

3 apartments for sale

3 apartments for sale

The owner of 3 properties in Cha-am is putting it property for sale as they might immigrate to Canada in the next year. They consider to sell 3 apartments in Cha-am All these units can also be foreign owned.

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Lumpini Cha-am

lumpini apartment 2e floor

What is important for our long stayers in the winter in Cha-am? Price, location and quality. This nice apartment in Lumpini Cha-am is a great choice for your winter.

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Christmas 2019

Heaven Kitchen huahin

What are you going to do with in Huahin on Christmas Eve 2019? This year no big Christmas party organized by ourselves but 2 restaurant recommended.


Mykonos apartment with many kitchen appliances

Mykonos apartment with complete kitchen

This apartment has a lot of kitchen equipment and is therefore ideally happy to enjoy a fresh juice or fried egg on their balcony in their apartment.

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