Ex-employee about Thailand Thailand is widely used by our guests, especially for short stays. Today we read an amazing eye-opening article in the Volkskrant newspaper about employees who are not so positive about this company.


Thai festival Songkran 2019

songkran festival 2019

modern Thai festival Songkran 2019 is “the feast of the water” because we can wet everyone, acquaintances and strangers for three days.


Handmade natural Thai soap

Handmade natural Thai soap

We offered this soap in our welcome package last year and it was a great success because almost all guests either used it or brought it back to the Netherlands


Cha-am after the strom

The dry and sunny winter season is right at the door here in Cha-am, but over the past 3 days and nights the rainy season has shown its face. The hurricane that came from the Philippines via Vietnam has visited three provinces in Thailand

Songkran festival 2014

watergevechten in Thailand

It is almost time because tomorrow the Songkran Festival in Thailand starts. The Thai era is 2557 this year. From 13 April we will celebrate the traditional New Year for 3 days with the Thai people

airplane tickets to Thailand

Welkom in Thailand

How do I book my airplane tickets to Thailand now? For vacation to Thailand Requires a flight ticket to Bangkok (BKK) or elsewhere. But what should you pay attention to? and when is it cheaper?  Switching or directly? A direct flight is more comfortable and faster but often more expensive. The airport of departure Do […]

What is to know about Thai Culture

<h2>Royal family of Thailand</h2> The name of the king Bhumibol Adulyadej stands for: Power of the land. That the King’s birthday is also a holy day for us, Monday: December 5, 1929. Now in 2019 his son is in reign. <h2>Yellow T-shirts on Monday</h2> Many tourists wonder why almost every Thai person is wearing a […]

the Don Muang airport Bangkok

the Don Muang airport Bangkok

In Bangkok there are two airports namely the Don Muang airport Bangkok and Suvarnabhumi airport. The last is where the intercontinental flights land and depart. Don Muang is for domestic flights within Thailand but also within Asia.


Floods in Thailand

Ayuthaya hit hard 2011

Thailand (2011) is currently experiencing major floods. At the moment the northeast, Ayutthaya and north Bangkok are particularly affected. In total, more than 3 million nuisances from these floods during the rainy season. We wish these people a lot of strength! Love

Thai cuisine and Thai food

Thai cuisine and Thai food tom-yum-goong

Contrary to what many people think outside of Thailand, Thai cuisine is not homogeneous. Thailand is about the size of France, and with a population of 65 million it also has an almost equal population. Moreover, there are around 40 different peoples living there. As a result, Thai cuisine is very diverse and uses a […]

Sunbathing safely

Unfortunately, there are also many dangers associated with tanning that people still don’t take enough into account today. Although it is not possible to sunbathe in a healthy way, it is possible to reduce the risks. Read the tips!

Thai currency is Baht

Thai currency

The Thai currency is Baht what else is useful to know? Read more about this coin.