Renting apartments of good quality ensures your holiday happiness. That’s why we customers book with us. We offer the best suitable apartments for holiday pleasure! You will be sure that your holiday apartment is safe, secure, completely furnished and with Internet access. Renting apartments is a great way to enjoy your own privacy, while being at a new and beautiful town.

In this category we have condos, 1 bedroom apartments, 2 bedroom apartements and studio for rent.

Okay suppose, you like one apartment. What is next? You can fread about how it works and get an understanding of course you we are here to you as well.

Holiday studio on Cha-am boulevard

Holiday studio on Cha-am boulevard

Cha-am is a nice bathing place to stay for a month or more. Holiday studio on Cha-am boulevard will offer you a nice home for your vacation stay.

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large Tira Tira appartment for holiday

This large Tira Tira appartment for holiday is in the center of the town! With 61 sqm2 this is a nice spacious apartment with pool view

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Very inexpensive stays at Peerapa

Peerapa apartment for rent in Cha-am

This condo Chaam complex called Peerapa Place offers very inexpensive stays so you have a a small condo for little money for a long time. This condo is located on the third floor.