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The tours and trips we describe here can be changed a little bit. We do our best to offer a nice day trip with our local specialists.

Bezoek de Phraya Nakhon grot

Phraya Nakhon cave

Visit the Phraya Nakhon cave in the Sam Roi Yot National Park south of Hua hin. This is an extremely impressive cave because the top of the cave has collapsed. Light and water come in through the hole, so trees started to grow in this cave.


Elephant rides

olifanten rit in huahin

Your elephant mahout (caretaker) will take you through semi-jungle to the top of the mountain for a beautiful view of Huahin and the sea and then, via a small river, return to the camp to relax with coconut juice and fruit.

5 golf courses around Huahin

5 golf courses around Huahin

Want to play a day of golf in Huahin or Cha-am? Get picked up at your resort or other accommodation and play golf. The 5 best golf courses of Huahin.


Seen Spaces a place to visit Huahin

seen space Huahin

We were in Huahin last time when one of our friends said: “Hey, I want to show you something.” We drove past the summer palace of the king in north Huahin and turned off at the traffic light towards the sea. (At the traffic light there is always a military guard post). 2 minutes later […]

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floating market Petchaburi Guangzhou

petchaburi floating market

Just opened this year, the promising floating market Petchaburi Guangzhou. The floating markets of Huahin are closed and appears to be unsuccessful, but,,,