Lokatie: Hua hin

Hua hin translated it means “Stone Head” referring to the rock shape on the beach. The town is a well-developed nice beach village with a tropical climate. Nice restaurants, friendly and affordable and warm.

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Christmas 2019

Heaven Kitchen huahin

What are you going to do with in Huahin on Christmas Eve 2019? This year no big Christmas party organized by ourselves but 2 restaurant recommended.


Mykonos apartment with many kitchen appliances

Mykonos apartment with complete kitchen

This apartment has a lot of kitchen equipment and is therefore ideally happy to enjoy a fresh juice or fried egg on their balcony in their apartment.

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Holiday Villa Horizan is available to rent

soi 88 Horizon Huahin villa

This holiday Villa in Huahin Horizon is a private residential park in Hua Hin, soi 88, with a security and swimming pool.


Smart House Huahin with private pool

rent a Smart House Hua hin Pool villa

This Smart House Huahin with private swimming pool is part of the smart House project in Huahin and has been around for more than 10 years. Due to success, the project has been extended to the following phases.

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Hua hin Natural Hill villa with pool

Hua hin Natural Hill villa with pool

This villa is located in the residential area of ​​the Natural Hill Bofai in Hua hin. Delightful western luxury in a natural setting of hills and palm trees.

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The Breeze Hua hin 1 bedroom apartment

Huahin Takiab Beach Apartment the Breeze for rent

In The Breeze hua hin 1 bedroom apartment you can enjoy the winter vacation privately with a breeze from the sea. The luxury of modern life, in a wonderfully tranquil environment within walking distance of the beach of Takiap.

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Poolview Huahin Marrakesh for rent

Marrakesh Hua hin

The ground floor condo Huahin Marrakesh is located in building 3 from the resort. The location is wonderfully quiet with access to the pool around the corner

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