Do you want to live healthier? Then we would like to inform you about the fact that Thailand is healthy for two reasons: climate and food.

Healthy Climate

The climate is generally very acceptable, especially for aging European men over the age of 50, and it is healthy. It has been proven that many people who suffer from muscle diseases, rheumatism, gout, arthritis, and back pain, for example, have less or no pain and suffering in Thailand because of the climate. The tropics are very suitable for older people because we don’t have winter here in Thailand and therefore don’t know cold. You can therefore safely leave the winter clothing and raincoats at home and then spend the winter in a healthy way.
The tropical climate here offers another advantage for people with hay fever, allergies and / or asthma in the spring, because there is no spring here with an explosion of pollen as in the Netherlands. People who normally cough and spit into spring can catch their breath in Thailand.

Physical complaints are reduced by the pleasant climate and annoying ailments caused by the wet and cold climate in Europe seem to disappear completely.

Healthy food

Thai cuisine is considered by experts to be the richest cuisine in the world. The preparation of the food is done with fresh food in combination with plants and tasty herbs. There are also many plants and herbs here that we don’t or hardly know about in the west.

For example from Hans:
“My diabetes level was 130 in Germany (in normal people it’s 110) and now that I’m in Thailand I don’t have diabetes at all, although I’m still careful.”

Most Western products can also be purchased in Thailand and in many provinces, including Petchaburi, there are many restaurants that offer Western dishes. But if you still want to adapt, the best advice is to adapt slowly! The Thai dishes can be very sharp, at the same time of course also very healthy. Often the Thai chefs can also adjust the taste of the dishes to ours.

The low cost of living also ensures that you can easily get by on an average Dutch pension, for example.

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