holiday in Thailand

holiday in Thailand

Do you know why holiday in Thailand is a good idea? Is it good medical care, the warm climate, the beaches, the safety or the spicy Thai cuisine? There are so many reasons to come to have holiday in Thailand. Just do it!

We are My Rooms (Thailand) and we are a company that makes holiday possible for you.

  1. How to book?
    1. Down payment 
    1.2. Confirmation
    1.3 Admin costs
    1.4 Remaining pay
    1.5 Terms and Conditions
    1.6 BTW belasting
  2. Electricity
  3. Taxies
  4. VIP BUS
  5. Airplane ticket 
  6. History of MY Rooms
  7. Communication
  8. Thailand Holiday destination
    8.2 public safety
    8.3 medical
    8.4 Food
    8.5. Trains
  9. Visa
  10. Contact Form us

1. How to book?

On the website you will find the details and photos of our holiday homes.

  1. You can choose a suitable holiday home and send the green contact form
  2. We check availability and contact you, usually this is by email
  3. You make your decision
  4. When you ‘d decide to book, you will have to make the down payment.
  5. After payment you will receive a booking confirmation from us
  6. 4 weeks before you arrive pay the remaining amount is due
  7. Your holiday starts and we welcome you in your holiday home** For every payment you will receive an official confirmation with the details **Payments are made with iDeal, Bancontact, Paypal or a Bank wire. To book, we usually ask about 20% deposit of the rent. MY Rooms has right to refund your deposit if reservation is not possible.

1.2 Confirmation
After we have receive a down payment we make the reservation Thailand and you will receive confirmation with all details by email. see an example here

holiday in Thailand confirmation example

holiday in Thailand confirmation example

Click to see a confirmation example

1.3 Admin costs
As of 01 June 2016 My Rooms will charge a one-time € .29 administration fee per booking per reservation. We must charge this amount in order to cover, among other things, our staff and other costs.

1.4 Remaining amount
Because of safety and comfort nowadays (almost) all remaining payment is collected 1 month before arrival in Thailand via the MY Rooms Thailand payment system with iDeal. The remaining amount is calculated on the current price of Kasikorn Bank. This price differs from the course on our website. For the rest of the payment we charge € .9 transaction costs per booking.

1.5 Terms and conditions
If you book through hibernate in Thailand, you agree to the terms and conditions of our company MY Rooms (Thailand) Limited Partnership. The letter MY are registered in Thai two separate English letters ‘M’ ‘Y’ (pronounced ‘why’). MY Rooms (Thailand) is not one of travel associations, but it strives for the same standards and values ​​for all its customers.

1.6 VAT of 7%
From 1 May 2018, we charge this 7% because we are a registered Thai company that has to pay tax annually according to Thai Law. VAT means Value Added Tax and the rate of 7 percent applies to service providers, wholesalers and retailers, importers, manufacturers and other businesses. Certain activities and services are excluded from this tax, such as health care. Unfortunately, we do not fit into this category.

2)(extra) Electricity and Water

When renting a house or apartment you usually have to pay the electricity bill for your consumption afterwards (at check-out). The standard price is 5 – 7 Baht per unit depending on where you are staying. From experience, the average electricity and water bill does not exceed 2000 Baht. With ‘extensive use’ of air conditioners this amount can double! So be careful with the environment and wallet. If you use the air conditioning, close the windows and doors.


Taxi rates
We also book taxis within Thailand for our guests on request.
Pick up Taxi prices in 2016 (Suvarnabhumi Airport)
* 2500 Bath for 1-2 people: Cha-am
* 3000 Baht for 1-2 people: Hua Hin
* 3500 Baht for 4-6 people in mini-van
The driver is waiting for you, with our logo and your name on a sign, at the meeting point in the arrivals hall. The taxi fares for Phuket, Khaolak or Krabi are on request..

Click for the TAXI example

VIP bus airportbus
TIP! There are also VIP buses from the airport to Hua hin (cost 306Baht / pp) Good service and spacious seats! Google so: “VIP airport bus Bangkok”

holiday in Thailand bus

holiday in Thailand bus

Aircondition Minivans depart from “Sai Tai” South Bus Station and “Mo Chit” in Bangkok. A ticket to Cha-am Hua hin costs about 160-200 baht / person but the VIP bus or taxi is much more comfortable! The mini vans are more for young Backpackers.

MY Rooms does not sell International airline tickets yet. There are various options and tips for buying airline tickets. Direct flights can be booked online

My Rooms (Thailand)

MY Rooms Thailand is the booking agency you are using. MY Rooms is a booking service provider for ​​holiday accommodation in Thailand. Our services include informing, advising, reserving and renting. Our booking office provides these services on your behalf.Established in 2010 and annually more than a hundred guests from Europe. Our organization is registered as MY rooms (Thailand), Limited partnership in Petchaburi city. The head office is located in the city Thayang near Cha-am.
889/44 Fitness Park
76130 Thayang, Petchaburi

** Please make an appointment if you like to visit us, you can use the form on this website **

It is practical if you can speak a little English or Thai with the local people in Thailand. So we also send our guests a handy glossary.

Thailand as a holiday destination
Sun, sea and beach and guaranteed warm tropical temperatures throughout the year and relatively low prices, so the perfect ingredients for a pleasant holiday in Thailand. The facilities, especially in medical terms, are good. Thailand has a good infrastructure and with almost everywhere Internet in the country.

8.2 Public safety
Yingluck Shinawatra was the first female Prime Minister of Thailand and in early 2014 demonstrations took place in the capital of Thailand. These demonstrations are long gone because Yingluck has resigned due to her ties with her corrupt brother Thaksin. Thai general Prayuth is in power and has brought peace and tranquility to Thailand. Currently, new elections have been declared but the corruption is deeply rooted, so the date is not yet known. The Thais are a friendly and helpful people and the public safety is better than in the Western countries. However, there are two southern provinces that are experiencing problems.

8.3 Medical care
Huahin has several good, adequate hospitals including the latest The standard medical care is very good, comparable with European standards. More southern as on Koh Samui Island, Krabi and Phuket are good hospitals and clinics. Always make sure that you have insurance.

8.4 Food and Spiciness
In the kitchen they prepare Thai food, which has the reputation to being very healthy. There is a wide choice of restaurants and much more affordable than in Europe. So during holiday in Thailand do not forget to say ‘not spicy’ (= ‘mai pet’). And ‘delicious’ in Thai is ‘Aroi’!

8.5 The train
This form of transport is slow but also authentic, fun and cheap. We suggest you contact the train station for the updates.

8.6 Air-tickets inside Thailand
Within Thailand you can book the easiest via Bangkok Airways. We can also book airline tickets but the price is about the same or cheaper if you book it yourself. Other providers are usually slightly more expensive.

9. Visa
If you stay in Thailand for more than 30 days, you will need a visa for Thailand. You can have a visa made at the Thai embassy in your country.

10. Contact us



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