Jomtien (South Pattaya)

Jomtien is located south of the famous Pattaya. Jomtien has the advantage that it lies outside the city, has a beautiful beach and this with many western facilities. Pattaya is a big tourist town, especially popular for the walking street bars with ladies, lady-boys and loud music so not really what the winterers are looking for. Fortunately there are also more positive places to stay, namely Jomtien.

What can you do in Jomtien?

We want to do something during the winter vacation. Do you have any tips? Yes, we have a number of ideas for this during our stay in Jomtien Pattaya.

Prasat Sut Ja-Tum

Prasat Sut Ja-Tum Jomtien

Prasat Sut Ja-Tum Jomtien

Nice day trip to this piece of art made from jout. Beautiful to see about eight kilometers from the center on the north side of Pattaya. Literally translated it means ‘Sanctuary of Truth’. The entrance fee: 500 baht

Tiffany’s Cabaret Show

An unmissable show in Pattaya. In the center of Pattaya, you can come and watch this cabaret musical show by women (who are ladyboys) in beautiful costumes. A unique show that has existed since 1974 for magically unforgettable evening. Read the details

The Koh Larn island

Visiting an island always sounds exotic but this island is perhaps less spectacular than most other islands in the Andaman Sea. Day trips and excursions to the Larn island with various activities are offered everywhere. You can also go to the island yourself to take a look. The cost to go to the island yourself is around 10% of the price of an excursion so that is worth it, but with excursions you naturally get more activities to do.

Pattaya Park Tower

This tower will see more often during the holidays because it is high with 55 floors. You can eat here sometime because the buffet is great and the view even better.

Enjoy the Jomtien view in the evening?

Do you want to sit and relax somewhere? We had a great time at Sky Gallery Pattaya . This is a beautiful location during the day even more beautiful than in the evening with a breeze from the ocean and a beautiful view.

What is that … the Jomtien beach is closed?

Just like in theresort of Cha-am , there are no beach chairs on Wednesday, the six kilometer long coastline of the Jomtien. Fortunately the beach is accessible. So we can just swim and sunbathe on the beach.

Transport from the Airport in Bangkok or Huahin to Jomtien

The ferry connection between Pattaya and Hua Hin has been a good option to go to Jomtien for 2 years. The ferry goes once a day and currently costs 1250 Baht / pp. From Bangkok and Suvarnabhumi Airport it is only 2 hours traveling on excellent highways. From the airport you can easily get to Jomtien with the airport bus but the airport taxi is also a good option. The taxis are cheap and will take you directly to where you need to be in the city. Very pleasant if you have had a long flight ..

Accommodation in Pattaya

The city of Pattaya is a known for for the loose life and many easy ladies. The tourism and the people who come to it are not entirely the hibernators who book through us. In the center “Pattaya Walking Street” we recommend a friendly hotel that isCasa del Nardie.
We recommend the Jomtien Beach for those who want to spend the winter on the outskirts of Pattaya. Here we have two great options namely the old Jomtien Beach Condo with cheap studios and the beautiful Seven Seas Condo project.

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