12 missing football boys found and alive

12 Missing football boys are found and alive!


The past week there was no escape in the news in Thailand. Whole Thailand discussed the situation about the 12 Missing football boys  stuck in a flooded cave in northern Thailand. 10 days of no food and drink, it seems a miracle.

12 missing football boys found and alive

12 missing football boys found and alive

The main organizer of the successful search for 12 boys and their football coach thought that there was a discussion about the best and “completely safe” way to get them out of the Tham Luang caves.

Two English divers have recently found the children. See the video footage here:

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36qjD9FobZ8[/embedyt]

“We will not bring the 12 Missing football boys out until we find a completely safe way,” said Mr. Narongsak, who is responsible for operations in the cave.

Meanwhile, dive experts have food and rejuvenating mineral salts inside, allowing the boys and coach to re-produce their strength after 10 days with almost no food from fresh water.

Source: Bangkok Post
Royal Thai Navy

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