Payments and Cancellation scheme

On this website our company MY Rooms Thailand limited partnership offers the possibility to book and come to celebrate your holiday. Here is a description of the Payments Cancellations scheme.


One of those details is the deposit. This is often applicable to private homes, for example to cover the costs of using electricity. MY Rooms Thailand ensures that you get your deposit fully or settled when you check out. You can determine the time of the check-out with us by email yourself. The deposit often between 5000 – 10000 baht depending on the relevant application. The deposit is also to settle any damage to the property during your stay. Fortunately, the latter has never occurred to us, apart from a broken wine glass or cup.

Deposit to reserve

If you received our offer upon your request for information on availability, you can book directly with a deposit. This deposit is in Euros and can be paid by transfer with iDeal (bank transfer). The amount of the deposit is between 20% to 50% of the total amount. After the deposit you will receive confirmation of the agreement within two working days.

Cancellation of conditions

Unfortunately, the administration costs can never be reclaimed. If you want to cancel, the guidelines below apply:

* Cancellation within 3 days. Entitled to the entire amount back.

* After 3 days and 42 days or more before arrival date. You are no longer entitled to the (first) down payment. So it will not be refunded to you. We cancel everything and the remaining amount will be charged no longer.

* No show or cancellation 3 days before arrival date in Thailand.
You are responsible for the entire agreed total amount. So we will charge this. In good consultation, with official medical statements, a refund of up to 50% is possible. Extra costs associated with this are settled by MY Rooms Thailand with the reimbursement. Read more about this in our general conditions.

Payment to stay

After the reservation we ask you to transfer the remaining amount to our Thai company account before arrival. You must do this later than 1 month before leaving for Thailand. After receiving payment you will receive a payment confirmation from MY Rooms by email. We cannot guarantee that the reservation will be maintained if payment arrives later than 3 weeks before your arrival. We request that you always keep an (electronic) proof of payment.

Change the date of the reservation

Small changes of a number of days (for example 3 days) can often be made for free through email correspondence with us. We try to be flexible, but we cannot promise you much if your request arrives within a month of your arrival.