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If you want to rent a house in Thailand, you will ask yourself first, is it for vacation or longer? Most visitors come to us for the holidays in December and January for 2 or 3 months. This is also easy for your visum. Have a look at don’t worry just travel to read more about your visum for this country.

How to rent a house in Thailand with a lease contract

If you are planning to live in Thailand it is wise to rent a house for 1 year as a start. This way you have the opportunity and freedom to make it pleasant for yourself. For long-term rentals, however, it is very wise to sign a annual contract with both parties, both tenant and landlord. Here is a good example of an English rental contract in Thailand: Apartment-Rental-Contract-Example.pdf. Such a contract gives you protection against possible changes in rental price or rental period. Thailand is a country with many changes and a lot of legislation but, unlike in the Netherlands, the homeowner is the one who has the most right to speak when renting a house in Thailand. Yet Thai people also adhere to a contract that they sign!

For  tourists and long stayers who are renting through us (MY Rooms Thailand), this contract does not apply because we mediate for you and ensure that everything taken care of. We only charge 29 Euro administration costs and you will receive the documents and confirmations from us in English.

It is cheaper to rent a house in Thailand because…

The rental prices are considerably lower than in Europe and America, certainly if you rent a house unfurnished from a private individual, but the quality is often different. A house in Thailand does not have to be winter resistant, for a start. e.g. In The Netherlands we therefore spend much more time indoors than in Thailand. It is certainly cheaper, but the quality is simply less. As a result you will see the hot water is usually only available in the bathroom, electric sockets that are not grounded and current surges occur more often. However the air conditioners and the low price, sun, beach and the tropics compensate a lot, right?

Holiday! Now rent a house in Thailand?

2019 LOGO MY roomsThe Thai population also moved from the countryside to the city and vice versa. Often an owner rents out his house if she does not live there herself. These are also houses that we foreigners can rent for a holiday period of 3 or 6 months. It is, however, more difficult to rent a house for only 1 month because it is not attractive for most owners. Yet we have many options with commercial providers and fewer commercial providers. The rent for staying in a house for 1 month is always higher but the house is of course furnished and ready for your holiday in Thailand.
Where do you want to stay?

Can we buy a house in Thailand?

According to the law in Thailand, a foreigner is not allowed to own land, but of course there are constructions that allow a Dutch person to buy a house in Thailand.
The most famous and popular options to buy a house are:
Option 1: purchase construction with a company; A company is set up and then the land and the house are purchased in the name of the company. The owner of the company is then the buyer. With this a visa for a long stay in Thailand can be realized immediately.
Option 2: 30-year lease-hold construction; The owner leases for 30 years in his own name. Once the lease has expired, it can be extended again.
Option 3: People buy land with a house in the name of a Thai wife. This is an easy but also risky option. What is talked about a lot in the forums.

Please read the 2 reader questions from Dutchmen in Thailand on

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Is your conclusion also that renting a house in Thailand is a lot safer than buying? Our organization is happy to help & advise you on renting.

If you are on the road yourself it is fun to try to get information yourself!

Rent out your home

I rent out my home in Thailand? What is a good way to do this? We have 3 valuable tips are:

  1. Get a trusted Partner in your area
  2. Define a  reasonable rental price per month
  3. Make professional photos and a good description

How to do this most successfully is written in this article 3 tips on how to rent out my home

How to rent a house in Thailand yourself?

If you want to look for a house yourself in Thailand, then you should look for the following Thai words:
เช่า = Chaow (renting) บ้าน= Baan (house) see a good example below. so you need to call.

Huren in Thais

It says ‘Baan Wang Hai Chaw’ ‘House available for rent’

So if you would stand in front of this house you can call and practice your Thai language or hope people speak your language 😉

Hopefully this information has been useful and if you have any questions about ‘renting a house in Thailand’ please feel free to contact us. Our organization is MY Rooms Thailand (Limited Partnership) and we are located near Cha-am, Thailand.

contact us directly and write us what you are looking for.

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