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Rent out my Thai property

Are you thinking of renting out your home in Thailand for the wintering period? Discover the benefits of renting through our website and turn your real estate into a lucrative source of extra income.

Landlords can face challenges such as irregular income, unexpected property damage, difficult tenants, and local laws and regulations that can be complex. In an article from the central government you can read what you need to arrange in the Netherlands. Other common difficulties are to be read in this article as well: The top 5 hallenges of renting out your home Fortunately, renting out your home in Thailand is easier and less subject to strict regulations. By offering your home through our rental website, you gain access to reliable tenants from the Netherlands and other European countries who are looking for a comfortable home base in Thailand. Renting out your apartment through our platform not only offers extra income, but also a simple and pleasant way to rent out your property.

Our user-friendly system makes posting your rental offers simple and transparent. With a focus on Dutch tenants, we not only offer a wide range of potential tenants, but also low costs, maximizing your return.

For owners, it is crucial to conduct effective marketing, as the lack of it results in fewer guests and lower revenue. So, let’s get started! The number of foreign property owners and local owners is steadily growing in Thailand, which means that competition is also increasing. What extra can you do to get maximum return on your investment? Choose MY Rooms Thailand today!

Where can I rent out my home in Thailand?

There are several major global websites that allow you to rent out your property, often for a fee, where you have to fill in all the forms and select the correct country yourself. This process is time-consuming, non-specific and often only available in English. The major platforms such as booking and airbnb also have the major disadvantage that they are too commercial and impersonal, feel free to follow the links and read up on these platforms.

So, for owners who want something extra and better, choose us. Our organization, MY Rooms (Thailand) Limited Partnership, is registered in Petchaburi, Thailand. We list your home(s)  with full descriptions, floor plans, rental prices and photos for you. We also help manage requests for your property and check-ins and check-outs. So you only have to inform us if the property is not available.

What can you expect? You will usually receive requests, about which we will inform you immediately by e-mail. If you want to make changes, this is always possible via email or app contact. The most important thing is good consultation.

The advantages at a glance:

rent out my homeAdditional Income: Landlords benefit from additional income by working with MY Rooms Thailand.

  1. Good Reliable Customers from Europe: We attract reliable customers from Europe, so your home is visited by quality-conscious guests.
  2. Low Cost: Our services are offered at low costs, which contributes to a favorable cost-benefit ratio for landlords.
  3. Access to No-obligation Help and Rental Experience: We offer no-obligation help and share our extensive rental experience so you can get the most out of it.
  4. Good Reviews: Due to our professional approach and attention to quality, you will receive good reviews that increase the appeal of your home.
  5. Pleasant Contact: You can count on pleasant contact for smooth communication and cooperation.
  6. Knowledge of the Thai Language and Culture: Our team speaks the Thai language and has in-depth knowledge of the local culture and cultural differences, which contributes to a successful collaboration between landlords and snowbirds in Thailand and our company.

All this contributes to good and pleasant cooperation between landlords and customers in Thailand and our company.

What can you expect?


Reliable customers, Extra income, Pleasant contact, Low costs, Knowledge of the Thai Language and Culture

Our team is ready to support you at every step of the rental process. With our knowledge of the English language and international culture, we understand the specific needs of landlords and tenants. We strive for pleasant cooperation, where good communication and trust are central.

Renting out your apartment in Thailand through our website not only provides additional income, but also the opportunity to collect positive reviews. With a focus on the Dutch market, we ensure a smooth and worry-free rental experience for both landlords and tenants.

Choose certainty, convenience and pleasant cooperation with our rental website. Enjoy the benefits of renting out your apartment in Thailand and discover how it can optimize your income and rental experience.


Would you like to know more about this option for your home? Contact us without obligation via this form and let your rental pleasure and income grow.

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