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Thailand Holiday Country

Do you know why Thailand holiday country is great? Read and learn more about The Land of Smiles and spend the winter in Thailand. We have many reasons to convince you so get ready.

The friendliness and polite Thai Greeting

Thailand Holiday Country Greets you welcome

Thailand Holiday Country Greets you welcome

The Thai say Sawasdee krab for men and Sawasdee Ka for women to greet each other. In Thailand, they greet each other formally, especially towards the elderly, with folded flat hands against each other at the level of the nose or below. So shaking hands is unusual for Thai people! It is becoming more common to shake hands with a tourist. Then you usually get such a weak handshake instead of a firm handshake like in the Netherlands.

Thai cuisine

Thailand Holiday Food Tom yam gong

Thailand Holiday Food: Tom yam gong

Whether visitors spend a day or a month in the Land of Smiles, Thai food is so delicious and diverse that you will never have the same dish twice have to eat. You will soon notice that the kitchen changes depending on their location so the Thai kitchen is not homogeneous. With an area of ​​513,115 km², Thailand is about the size of France. Depending on how people work, there are 40 different people living in Thailand. It is therefore not surprising that Thai cuisine is very diverse. So taste and enjoy the ingredients, herbs and spices. But if you don’t like spicy food then tell the Thai waiter: “Mai ped” this means “not spicy”. It will be fine!

Order gluten-free food?

order gluten free food in Thailand Holiday Country

gluten free

For people on a gluten free diet this can be useful because many Thai people are not familiar with the term gluten free. See here an example with Thai script that you can print and take with you to provide explanation in Thai.

Read more about healthy in Thailand

Another plus of Thailand

Sun, sea and beach and guaranteed warm tropical temperatures all year round and relatively low prices so the ideal ingredients for a pleasant holiday in Thailand but there is more you need to know so read on.

Safety and security

Yingluck Shinawatra was the first female Prime Minister of Thailand and in early 2014 there were demonstrations in the capital of Thailand. These demonstrations are long gone now. The Thai general Prayuth has been in power since then and has brought peace and tranquility. It appears that this general will not be holding an election for the time being, which means that he and his army will remain in power, a stable country.

Buddism and lots of temples

Thailand Holiday Country has more than 40,000 Buddhist temples in the Land of Smile and some will definitely catch your eye! The structure dates from different dynasties, each reflecting on the architectural style of that era. Every province is bound to at least one of these majestic wonders, although the most unique and abundant can be found in Bangkok.

The rich history Thai culture

Cities such as Sukhothai and Ayutthaya are also becoming more modern but are very interesting because they are still home to many ancient ruins dating back to the Siamese kingdom in 1238. History can also be found in the many art forms of Thailand, such as traditional Thai dances or Thai puppet shows.

Ayuthaya tempels

Ayuthaya tempels

The Thai people are not so good at English but they are friendly and helpful. Public safety is better than in most Western countries. But there are problems with Muslims in the two southern provinces so we advise you not to travel to the two southernmost provinces. Click on the photo to read everything about Ayutthaya with the Thai cultural treasures you can see there. Read about the cultural heritage in Ayutthaya

Good medical care facilities

Thailand has several good adequate hospitals including the newest Bangkok Hospital. The standard medical care is very good, comparable to the European standards. Always go to a private hospital. Here the queues are short and the standard is good. Further south, such as on Koh Samui island, Krabi and Phuket, there are also good hospitals and clinics. Always take out insurance before you leave the Netherlands!

Warmth in the winter!

There is always heat! From the people and from the climate. Climate information for specific regions or places is given on the separate climate pages of Thai places.

Average climate information in Thailand (source:

Climate of Thailand Holiday Country
So as you can see above, the forecast for a warm winter for 2019 is a logical conclusion.

Are you a bit less in the heat? Maybe a visit to Chiangmai in northern Thailand is a good option. Chiang Mai or Chiengmai (Thai เชียงใหม่), is the capital of the province of Chiang Mai. The place is located about 700 km north of Bangkok between the highest mountains in the country. Read more >> Chiangmai and nearby Chiangrai.

The map of Thailand

Thailand information from Wikipedia

The capital of Thailand is Bangkok. Until 1939 the country was called Siam. The Thai name of the country is “Prathet Thai”, where Prathet means country and the word Thai is interpreted as free. In that case, Thailand would literally mean “free land”. However, the spelling of the Thai word Thai with this meaning in Thai script differs somewhat (ไท versus ไทย) although the pronunciation of both words is identical. The name Thailand originally also had a political tendency in connection with claims to land in Laos, in particular, where ethnic Thai people live.

Thailand, officially the Kingdom of Thailand, is a kingdom in Southeast Asia.

The seaside beach cities in Thailand Holiday Country

Thailand is especially popular for the seaside resorts and tourism. On the map you can see the numbers from 1 – 9 that are linked to the description per beach / tourist city.

    1. Cha-am – Thai resort 2.5 hours from Bangkok

      The fishing village of Cha-am is located on a coast with miles of beaches. The beaches stretch along the 8 km long boulevard. Read more about this Thai resort that is visited by tourists from Bangkok in the weekends. Read more about >> Cha-am

    2. Huahin

      – Developed large seaside resort at 3 hours from Bangkok
      Huahin (literally translated: Stone Head) is the capital of the Hua Hin district in the Prachuap Khiri Khan province. Huahin is one of the most popular beach resorts on the Gulf of Thailand. The Thai king also has his palace there >> Huahin

    3. Bankrut – Tranquility and tropical

      Sparsely populated, with the real tropical nature that you can expect from Thailand, namely wonderful long beaches, lots of greenery between the organic cocoon nut plantations and rice fields. >> Bankrut

    4. Khaolak – Seaside resort on the Andaman Ocean

      This beautiful resort has 30 kilometers of coastal strip with various village centers, of which Bang Niang Beach and Nang Thong Beach are the largest. Bang Niang has grown rapidly in the last few years, >> Khaolak

    5. Pattaya – just a 2-hour drive from Bangkok

      Pattaya is known for its many bars and nightlife, but luckily it has more. We have a description with photos of Jomtien, south of Pattaya.

    6. Koh Samui Island– in the Thai Gulf

      Ko Samui (also called Koh Samui , Thai: เกาะสมุย) this is the biggest of the three islands and a bit of tourist paradise. The island is located 32 km from the coast from Don Sak, the departure point of the ferry, but there are also ferries from Chompon via Koh Tao and Koh Pangan. >> Samui island

    7. Krabi – The popular Railay Beach and access to Koh Phi phi



      Krabi is very often on the nice promotional pictures of Thailand. The famous white beach, clear blue sea and perpendicular chalk rocks. Often there is also a Thai boat on the photo. And it’s really so beautiful! There is also a lot of tourism and crowds that you do not see in the promotional photos. Read more about >> Krabi

    8. Phuket – the beaches, viewpoints and the White Buddha

      Phuket is located in the Andaman Sea and is surrounded by many other islands. This seaside resort is separated from the mainland and Malacca peninsula, by a narrow street. Highlights are the beaches Phang Nga Bay and Phuhet Old City. Read more about Phuket

    9. Koh Chang – Close to Cambodia!

      This island is located in the west of Thailand not far from Cambodia. Located in the province of Trat, Koh Chang Island is the second largest island in Thailand. The island can be reached by boat from Leam Ngop. There are beautiful beaches and a forest with mountains and inland. Popular activities on this island are hiking, mountain biking, canoeing, elephant trekking, diving and snorkeling.

The country is known for its beautiful seaside resorts and its tourism. On the map on the right you can see the numbers from 1 – 9 that are linked to the description per resort.

You can click on the links to request more information per resort.

We try to provide comprehensive and honest information, often with photos and videos for the winter. Overwinterers are people from the Netherlands and Belgium who come to Thailand for 1 month or more to enjoy the tropics and life during the winter months. stappen om te boeken
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