Thailand with children

Thailand with children

Thailand with children

Summer is just around the corner and you are wondering if Thailand with children is fun for your family? What is useful to know is that you do not need to apply for a separate visa for short holidays with the family because if the stay is shorter than 30 days, a visa is stamped in the passport upon arrival in Thailand in the airport.

Knowing this makes a trip to Thailand with the children a lot more pleasant because no extra visas need be applied for. If you want to go on holiday for longer than 1 month you can apply for a tourist visa in The Hague or Amsterdam for all members of the family.

In Amsterdam the summer vacation starts in July, 2019 Around this time Thailand has temperatures between 24 and 31 degrees with around 6 hours of sunshine per day. In this period there is also rainfall, strong short showers with a lot of rain. Precipitation averages 17 days a month.

Want to buy a plane ticket for your Thailand with children?

Buying a ticket is now very efficient through the well-known website such as skyscanner,

You can often fly cheaper on weekdays. Flight tickets with a stop-over are also advantageous. The Qatar Airport is very efficient and child friendly

Within Thailand you as a family have to make a location choice, are we going to the mountains, jungle or islands? A summer holiday in Thailand offers it all. We have made a selection of nice holiday destinations for you within the land of “smiles”. Below you can read descriptions of the places that we recommend for the summer of 2019.

Going to Cha-am with you children?

You drive from the airport in 3 hours to Cha-amso a great location to start the holiday. Cha-am is located on a coast with miles of beaches and lush nature the wide beaches stretch along the 8 km long promenade. A lot has been built in recent years and therefore the village offers a nice mix of Thai customs and Western facilities and with a lot of liveliness.

Accommodation for children in Cha-am

For a pleasant stay with children, it is important that there are enough beds and children’s fun in the form of a swimming pool, playground or beach. We have a selection for children staying in the seaside town of Cha-am.


  1. Apartment on the 5th floor for 2 adults and 1 child, 650 Euro for 1 month
    + Ideal location
    + Always a breeze from the sea
    + 1 swimming pool for the children
    >> Appartement voor de familie

  3. Stay in a family bungalow for 2 adults and 1 child, 455 euros for 1 month
    + Very affordable !!
    + Nice area and quiet
    + 2 swimming pools for the children
    – The disadvantage is that the staff speaks poor English
    >> Arlek Family Bungalow

  5. Methavalai Hotel 2 adults and 1 child, 60 Euro per night
    + Good quality with 2 swimming pools and playgrounds
    + It is more expensive but includes daily breakfast
    + Great location on the beach and promenade
    >> Methavalai Cha-am

  7. House for 6 people Thai Paradise South for 2 adults and 4 children for 1430 Euro per month

    + Large kitchen available for the family to sit
    + Swimming pool at the door
    + Security available
    + Beach is very close
    + Shorter stay negotiable
    short stay: Paradise South Pool Villa,
    1 month stay: Villa in Thai Paradise South

  9. This family bungalow with connecting door is suitable for 2 adults and 2 children for 702 euros per month
    + Excellent Price / Quality
    + Dutch spoken
    + Beach very close
    + Nice swimming pool for children
    + Green garden
    + discount for shorter stays possible!
    VIEW THE family pool bungalows

Family and sightseeing tours in Cha-am:


  1. Cha-am Beach and boulevard. Maybe not as nice as Krabi, but the little shellfish and the sea waves in combination with eating on the beach provide good entertainment.
  2. span style=”font-weight: 400;”> Summer Palace of King Rama VI You can walk around freely and view the historic royal gardens with accommodation. This summer palace is especially nice for the elderly to see. There is also a small mangrove forest. Distance is approximately 10 km so it is by taxi / moped.

  4. Khao Nang Phanthurat Forest Park: Nice piece of g run with a view from the top. Within cycling distance of Cha-am and ideal for a walk or to meet monkeys in the afternoon. 5 km outside of Cha-am,

  6. Euro Asia Lagoon Resort. Here you can use 2 swimming pools with baby bath for a small fee and there is also a restaurant with beers and meals. Located on the beach so beach walks are also possible. Located outside the town about 5 km north of Cha-am

  8. The pier and the harbor. Nice to stretch your legs. The Cha-am pier is great for a walk with the sea breeze with the family. The harbor is nice to pass because you can see the daily fishing coming in here.

  10. Santorini Cha-am. Ideal for a family with children.