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Above holiday homes Thailand you can explore all the holiday homes Thailand we have to offer. Easily view a holiday home, apartment or resort and the location in relation to the city and the sea and beaches. View all details and book your holiday home or apartment with MY Rooms Thailand. If you have any questions, you can also fill in the form below and we will contact you and we will ensure that you have a pleasant holiday soon!

+ en – You can zoom in on the map and navigate further to choose your holiday home. You can also send us a message using the form below!

Longstayers start with holiday homes Thailand. First, you’d best to decide what is important for your holiday. You will need to ask yourself, and possibly your partner, your needs. Of course it is also fun to do this kind of pre-work. We call this the ‘pre-holiday pleasure’ of the winter vacation.

Honey, do we want a private pool?
or do we take a home with 2 bedrooms?

What to think about when renting a holiday home Thailand

What to think about when renting a holiday home Thailand

The difference between resorts and private vacation rentals Thailand?

To make the choice easier it is useful to point out a few differences:

  • Enjoy have more privacy and space staying at a private home
  • Electricity and water usages are included when staying at a resort
  • Linen and towels are available in houses too
  • Do you like cooking? private apartments have kitchens
  • Resorts have often very friendly staff with limited English

Would you like to know what we are talking about? View the resorts in Thailand or private apartments and discover which suits your needs best.

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It can often be useful to just have a look at what the offer is to form a better picture. On this Thailand map you will find a nice overview of the location, rental price and short description of the holiday homes.

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