Hua hin

Hua Hin City

A warm and friendly beach town is what Hua hin city presents.

Hua Hin city

Hua Hin in Thailand

Do you like affordable restaurants, modern shopping malls, nice long-stretched out beaches, fresh food or warm winters? Than staying here for a few months might be just nice for you. Where is Hua Hin City located? The quick answer is at the beach south of Bangkok. In fact the beach town is 230 kilometers south of Bangkok, a 3-hour taxi ride.

Hua hin literally translated means Stone Head named after the stones or rocks in the sea water.

Hua hin is one of the most popular beach resorts on the mainland on the Gulf of Thailand. Thai Kings also have discovered the beauty of this city and this is why the Thai Royal Family often visits their summer palace in Hua hin.
The city is a well developed beach town with both Western and Thai facilities to make staying here comfortable for you. The beaches are stretched out over more than 8 kilometers long and even during the winter months it is warm and comfortable to stay here. Therefor it gets crowded with older western tourists who enjoy the warmth and comfort of this area..really a nice lovely peaceful town!

The center town of Hua Hin City

Center of Hua Hin City

Center of Hua Hin City

This former fishing village center (see ‘fishing pier’ on the map) has now transformed into an area with guesthouses, bars and restaurant area for pedestrians. In this center, between Hilton Hotel and the Wat Ampharan Temple, you will encounter the entertainment area of ​​city, with cocktail bars, bands and many (over) friendly females. In this area, called ‘Bithabar’, many cheerful Thai ladies will try to seduce everyone to buy a few drinks. You will also find souvenir shops, restaurants, coffee bars and money exchanges. For the money exchange you must bring your passport, so don’t forget yours.The center also offers many restaurants and kitchens from all over the world such as Swedish, German, French, Japanese and Thai. Brasserie de Paris is a restuarnat we recommend if you are looking to eat top end, french cuisine. However you will discover that Hua hin city center offers a lot of choice of food, markets and snack. Even a late night snack at Burger King is an option.

If you are interested in staying at the center of town so within walking distance of your favorite bar and Starbucks coffee then we have a couple of good options for you.

The center town of accommodation

Great apartment in Baan Klang Huahin
Prijs 24000 Baht / maand
Stay at this great apartment in Baan Klang Huahin. Five minutes walk to Starbucks and the Clock Tower of Hua Read more.
Great apartment in Baan Klang Huahin
Prijs 24000 Baht / maand
Stay at this great apartment in Baan Klang Huahin. Five minutes walk to Starbucks and the Clock Tower of Hua Read more.
Huahin center? Rent Baan Klang Apartment
Prijs 24000 Baht / maand
Do you want to stay at Huahin center? Rent Baan Klang Apartment and you are right in the heart of Read more.
Baan Klang Hua Hin center
Prijs 24000 Baht / maand
The Baan Klang Hua Hin center is of course very convenient as it is close to town's center. Get out Read more.
Stay at Huahin center in Baan Klang Huahin Apartment
Prijs 24000 Baht / maand
Stay at Huahin center in Baan Klang Huahin Apartment. Five minutes walk to Starbucks and the Clock Tower of Hua Read more.
Stay at the center of Huahin in Baan Klang Apartment
Prijs 24000 Baht / maand
For those who like to be downtown, you 'd better stay at the center of Huahin in Baan Klang Apartment. Read more.

Khao Takiab beach and surroundings

monkey loves Buddha at Khao Takiab hua hin

monkey loves Buddha at Khao Takiab hua hin

Khao Takiab temple at the South part of the city
The Khao Takiab used to be just a fishing village south of Huahin. Meanwhile, this village in Hua Hin city has grown and they are inseparable. The distance is 7 kilometers. The old fishing port still exists and is located at the bottom of the 270 meter high mountain. On top of this small mountain is of course a beautiful Thai Chinese Temple. There is also a monkey colony at this temple. But be careful because this colony loves monkey business!

If you are interested to go to the beach it easy! follow the bicycle or motorbike route below starting at Bluport or soi 102!



For winter visitors who are looking for apartments in Khao Takiab, for example, look here Breeze appartement. And also The Seacraze Apartments

Marrakesh Huahin apartments suitable for 2 or 3 people
This is an apartment complex at beach of Hua Hin. The location of the complex is roughly in the middle between Hua Hin center and Khao Takiab beach. So if you like both areas it is worth having a look the Marrakesh Hua Hin apartments.

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Do you want to stay in Hua hin with a group of e.g. 4 people

No problem. Ask us and we will offer you houses or apartments to choose from. You will enjoy 1 price for the property so if more people stay here it is no problem usually. Large spacious apartments or villas with a private pool are available for rent in Hua hin.

Market Village and Bluport Hua Hin

When you think of a Thai beach town you don’t think about shopping immediately. Well, Hua hin has both nice beaches and even nicer shopping malls. These air-conditioned shopping malls offer everything you need. You can do daily groceries, buy your souvenirs, have a cheap lunch or even watch a movie.
market village hua hin city

So when you stay in Hua Hin a visit to both shopping mall is inevitable. Enjoy your time!

Are you looking for accommodation near the shopping malls and the beach? Yes, okay then we have some recommendation for you.

  1. A beautiful Mediterranean style apartment complex consisting of three buildings with modern apartments is called the Mykonos Hua Hin. A short walk from the Market Village department store.
  2. Even cheaper than Mykonos are the Flame Tree apartments. Located in a car-free street on the west side of the main road, not on the beach side. A pleasant swimming pool with excellent Hua Hin apartments.
  3. Hua hin Condochain is one of the first apartment complexes of the city. The studios are  good for 1 person and the rates are favorable. We also have 2 bigger units.

Apartments Khao Tao

‘Khao’ stands for mountain in Thai and the beaches between Khao Takiab and Khao Tao are connected. Khao Tao is the southern mountain and is less developed. It also has a temple and an inner lake. Khao Tao is also developing quickly so you can do your daily groceries at convenient stores in this area.

How to get to Hua Hin City

From the Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok the VIP airport bus brings you directly to Hua hin. This VIP is a great connection and departs at the lowest floor in the Airport. You can book your tickets online using your credit card.

Looking for convenience after a long flight? Let us know and we book the taxi for you. Our driver will wait for you at the meeting point and bring you to your holiday destination for less than 70 euro/ride.

meetingpoint bangkok to Hua Hin city

meetingpoint bangkok airport

Photos of Hua Hin

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