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Cha-am Lumpini Lumpini Cha-am is located on the boulevard and the beach. In this apartment complex by the sea there are a number of beautiful swimming pools, tropical garden and facilities that make your stay pleasant.

At the reception you can ask questions, in poor English. There are machines for residents who work on coins. You can go directly to the sea on foot and via the reception you can leave the complex at the back with a bicycle, moped or for example a taxi. Lumpini Cha-am is safe and quiet.

Welcome to Lumpini Cha-am! 1 of the best wintering opportunities in Thailand! View all the range of apartments here. The electricity and water consumption is not included but will not exceed 50 euros per month in normal use. Residents of Lumpini were also able to use bicycles for free in 2018. Next to the swimming pools there are on the second floor of the reception building above, a fitness, sauna and steam room.

3 apartments for sale

The owner of 3 properties in Cha-am is putting it property for sale as they might immigrate to Canada in the next year. They consider to sell 3 apartments in Cha-am All these units can also be foreign owned.

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