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Promotions for your business

Why go online with us?

  1. You will reach “nice” customers in Thailand.nice people

    > 40 years old, mainly couples from Europe

  2. No cheap charlie people.

  3. Your seasonal activities get promoted too.

  4. You will get more new customers. Better branding of your business.

  5. We are profesional. We have experience! You will see the benefits

Seasonal Promotion with My Rooms

Create yout Seasonal Promotion with My Rooms

You will get 1 whole complete page on our website

    • Your pictures

    • Your map

    • Your services

    • Your PROMOTION**

    • Your Google reviews will show

  • Your PROMOTIONS will show on many pages througout our website

  • Your PROMOTIONS will show 1x in our monthly newsletter every 3 months

  • Your PROMOTION will have a paid ad on facebook (see advertising budget)

** Your promotion needs to be appealing and needs to be approved by the marketing team of MY Rooms (Thailand).

Price list

Standard pricing (incl 7% vat)


Advertsing budget for to you

  • Partnership for life-time

29950 Baht


3000 baht of clicks per year

  • 1 Year

10000 Baht


2500 baht of clicks

  • ½ year

7000 Baht


2000 baht of clicks

  • 3 months

3900 Baht


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