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3 tips on how to rent out my home


Having your house in Thailand can be a scary prospect. You will probably have mortgages to pay, which can be overwhelming regardless of your income level. So you question yourself, can I rent out my home in Thailand? What is a good way to do this? We have 3 valuable tips on how to rent out my home successfully.

Renting out your home to make some extra income, pay off the mortgage on a property that you own but don’t live in. How to achieve this in a good way?

  1. Get a trusted Partner in your area
    Don’t have a Thai family member be this partner for you. It is best to have a trusted partner who your trusted property partnerhelps you to avoid issues. Renting out your home or condo, especially in a city like Hua hin, is time consuming. You want a person or company to meet the tenants, help you list and advertise your property and co-ordinate with potential renters. Their services will cost, but it will be well worth the help that they provide! We can introduce you to trusted agents in Hua hin and Bangkok.
  2. Define a  reasonable rental price per month
    Of course you want to make money, however you also want to have a good balance with the quality you offer. Setting a reasonable price is important. Also you ’ll want to make sure that the price is fair compared to other similar properties in the area. Don’t rent out your property per day like a hotel! We have written an article here explaining why you shouldn’t.
  3. Make professional photos and a good, friendly description
    Once you have furniture and decorations to your house or after you have cleaned and de-cluttered your current home or condo, you’re almost ready to start renting it out. A good and honest description is together with photos of the rooms are needed to post online. It is important that you have appealing pictures and even videos to add to your listing. Showing the comfort and convenience of your property that you are willing to rent out.

So renting out your home in Thailand isn’t without its challenges and it is smart to work with a local expert, like us. However, if you follow these 3  tips and do your research, you’ll end up with a great way to make some extra income on that extra property, allowing you to keep your holiday home, buy more properties, or simply fund your adventures!

Do you need more detailed tips on how to rent out my home? 7 Top Tips For Renting Out Your Thailand Property at

We will make an appointment with you in person or on the phone to discuss on how to proceed with your home and how to co-ordinate rentals together. You will have to pay a registration fee and we will prepare the documents. We look forward helping you to rent out your house.

rent out my home



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