Pizzeria Cha-am

3 great Italian Pizzeria Cha-am


Are you looking for Great Italian food restaurants in Cha-am? We have a list with descriptions of the 3 great Italian Pizzeria Cha-am.

Read about the best Italian food Cha-am, this small and touristy Thai fishing village.

  1. Roberto Pizzeria Cha-am
    This restaurant is at the top because of the friendly and friendly people here. Have a nice chat in Italian English and then of course study the menu for good food. They have a new menu with Italian and European dishes. 4 season pizza is very tasty. The special creation is Cha-am pizza that comes with real ‘Italian Basil’. A good strong coffee with a liqueur to close with is also not wrong. Visit the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Roeberto
  2. Bella pizza cha-am
    This pizzeria was once started small in the bar street of Cha-am ‘Soi Bus Station’ but it has since grown into a large beautiful restaurant in southern Cha-am. The friendly owners also speak Swedish, so don’t be surprised if you are addressed in Swedish. The pizzas and the food are delicious even slightly better than Friend Bar Pizzeria but you also pay for that. Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bella-Pizza/
  3. Happy Pizzeria Cha-am
    For many people out of sight since they moved from an A location, close to Okay Supermarket, to a less busy street. The food and facilities at the new location are perhaps better than before. Excellent value for money. Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/happypizzachaam/

There are more locations where you can enjoy Italian food in Cha-am. Cha-am pizza, near the beach, for example, is a good fourth choice. We wish you tasty food, a pleasant evening and a pleasant holiday!




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