Rent an apartment in Huahin

Rent an apartment in Huahin

Rent an apartment in Huahin with warm weather guaranteed during the cold European winter months. Moreover, the city is at the sea and often inexpensive. So ideal for Dutch and other Europeans who rent an apartment Huahin. In this way they can sunbathe, cook in their own apartment, bake your eggs in the morning and enjoy the internet.

Rent an apartment in Huahin

Huahin was also discovered by the royal family of Thailand as a pleasant seaside resort. The royal palace is called “Klai Kang Won” and means “far from headaches”, does it sound good or not?

The town has developed into a tourist resort with excellent facilities. So from the apartments in Huahin you can easily go to shopping centers, food courts, restaurants, parks and beaches. The months of November to March, the winter period, are most suitable for European tourists to rent an apartment in Huahin. Do you want to read more about the resort of Huahin, the temperatures and the sights? Then read everything about Huahin city.

Choose a location to rent an apartment in Huahin

Okay suppose, we like and we choose Hua hin what is next? … Your location in town and how affordable is the apartment. No worries! We are here to help. It seems logical that most apartments are near the beach, but there are also apartments inland. The farther the apartment from the beach, the lower the monthly rent is, but not always … because the size of the apartment often also determines.

Huahin apartments by the sea

We offer a choice of more than sixty apartments by the sea. View the selection of Huahin apartments by the sea. We are here to help so contact us via the green form.

The tourists who book our apartments by the sea are almost all Europeans. As mentioned earlier, the cost to rent an apartment in depends on the location, size, quality and popularity.

An apartment for 2 to 4 people near the white beach and sea costs between 500 – 2000 Euro per month. Apartments and holiday homes further from this beach and the center are cheaper. The electricity bill is usually paid monthly afterwards, but not always. So let yourself be well informed by us.

Apartments inland

We have apartments for rent that are located inland, so away from the beach. The distance to the beach is walk-able but be aware of the heat, even during the winter, cycling or a moped is often a better means of transport to get to the beach.

Would you prefer to choose the holiday home from the map?

Yes? Then this floor plan below is the solution. Zoom in and out and choose 1 or more fun holiday destinations to spend the winter. Then you scroll down and you will find the green form here to contact us. You will receive information from us without obligation.

Want to know more about the city everything holiday destination? view the here Hopefully there will be next winter warm up.

Rent an apartment in Huahin

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