hin lek fai view huahin

Huahin viewpoint Hin lek Fai


Would you like to catch your breath? The view and wind of the ocean at this Huahin viewpoint Hin lek fai offer a solution. This mountain is located behind the train station of the city and is perhaps more a hill than a mountain. At the top you can walk through the park to three or four different viewpoints and enjoy. You will find a view from Cha-am, north, to Sam Roi Yot south on a normal day, in other words good visibility!

Huahin viewpoint

hin lek fai huahin

zoom in over the golfcourse

From the foot of hill called ”Hin Lek Fai” you can reach the top with the tuk-tuk in 15 minutes. Running is really a healthy exercise and takes less than an hour. At the top you will find the parking lot and a few shops. At the parking lot you will also immediately find the monkey colony and these can be annoying, so be careful when you bring bags and food. The less the better. For the monkey some but for most of us it is better to keep your distance.

The best time to visit Hin Lek Fai is in the morning and the evening because then it is simply less hot. Walking and cycling from the center is also too good if you are fit. You can easily reach this location by scooter or tuk-tuk.

So remember that it’s a good idea to keep food out of sight of the monkeys. So no plastic bag with food or drinks, because otherwise the monkeys will probably approach you.

After taking a look at the different viewpoints you can go to the small shops at the top where the park starts for an ice cream or cold drinks. There is no entrance fee, so free entry.

read also on tripadvisor. Enjoy great views and a nice day out!

Video of Huahin viewpoint Hin lek fai

This video is in English and gives you a good impression. In real it is much better of course.

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How do I get up there?

The easiest way to get there is by taxi or tuk-tuk, just like in the video. Bespreek van te voren de prijs heen en terug af en voorkom onplezier. With your automatic scooter you can also hit the top of the viewpoint and walking is also a great option. Bur keep in mind there is lots of traffic on the roads. The mountain can be seen from the Huahin train station and via the roundabout over the track you can go up. So you don’t need a tour when you are in Huahin, you can do this. have fun!!




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