Handmade natural Thai soap

Handmade natural Thai soap


We offered this soap in our welcome package last year and it was a great success because almost all guests either used it or brought it back to the Netherlands. Because of this success, now an article about the makers of this unique soap. Handmade is not easy to find in Hua Hin so hence this must for soap lovers.

The makers of using natural products believe in this video that explains industrial soap. So Hand-made and of course is much healthier! This year the soap makers also made soap for a resort for the first time and they now have their own retail space with more than 20 different soaps and various fun gift sets. This store can be found in the Market Village shopping center in Hua Hin. They currently sell for the shopping center but from December they can be found in the shopping center on the ground floor or the new floor below.

So bring some soap for friends and acquaintances in Europe when you are in Market Village.



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