Tourists about Hua hin and Thai food – interviews


What do you think about Hua hin and what do they like in Thailand? We thought we’ll just ask. Last year, students interviewed tourists on the street in this city. It shows us nicely about tourists in Hua hin and the level of English.

Video 1: Your opinion about Huahin

In this video you see a street interview, so a lot of traffic, about Huahin city.

Video 2: Tourists about Hua hin Thai food

And of course Thai food. The tourist is from Norway and she has a nice conversation on a windy day at the beach of Hua hin with a fourth-year tourism students.

Youtube channel

Easy, right? a video like this. Well we are expanding and adding videos. Do you like it? We have 2 playlists ready for you. Enjoy Thailand for your chair, it s so easy and jet fun.

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