Thai currency

Thai currency is Baht


The Thai currency is Baht what else is useful to know? Read more about this coin.

Smart money exchange

Whoever goes on holiday to Thailand, has to deal with a different currency. In some places you can pay with US Dollars, but the official currency is Baht. The Baht is subdivided into 100 satang. The rate of the Baht is usually around 3 cents. You can buy and sell Thai money at a bank or exchange office in the area or in Thailand itself.

Exchange rates can fluctuate. Especially when you book a trip to Asian countries like Thailand, you should keep an eye on the exchange rate. On internet you can find how the currency has developed in recent times. On the basis of this you can decide whether you choose to exchange a large amount at once, or rather exchange a small amount and take a gamble on a further hopefully favorable course of the exchange rate.

What do banks charge for exchanging the Thai currency is Baht?
Exchange of currencies is a service that banks and other agencies do not of course provide for nothing. How they claim their share depends on the country and the bank. It is possible that you pay a commission based on a percentage of the amount to be exchanged, or a fixed price per unit of currency.

In order not to be surprised, it is advisable to find out how this works with possibilities in your area some time before you leave. For this information you can visit your bank’s website or contact us by telephone.

Buy Thai Baht in advance

It is always handy to have enough money with you on arrival in the currency of the relevant country. If you are in a country like Thailand, where a completely different language is spoken, you do not want to be without money. Your options are then very limited until you have found someone you can communicate with. If, for example, the service is temporarily unavailable at the airport, you do have enough money in your pocket to come to your vacation rental.

How do I do it


  • Contact your bank early before departure and ask about the options and prices for changing to a different currency.

  • Make sure you always have a reasonable amount of foreign payment in your pocket, regardless of the exchange rate.

  • Keep an eye on the exchange rate and try to estimate when it is a good time to change.

  • Enjoy your stay in Thailand !



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