the Don Muang airport Bangkok


In Bangkok there are two airports namely the Don Muang airport Bangkok and Suvarnabhumi airport. The last is where the intercontinental flights land and depart. Don Muang is for domestic flights within Thailand but also within Asia.

the Don Muang airport Bangkok

Don Muang vliegveld Bangkok

The top 5 airlines that actively fly to Don Muang airport Bangkok are:

  1. Air Asia . This airline has a working App and the best intelligible English on board. They are not the cheapest but are at the top in terms of quality because the prices are often very close to each other
  2. Bangkok Airways. Could have been on 1 they have good service.
  3. Nok Air number three because they are cheap but the service and English is poor.
  4. Thai Airways is very good but often the higher price range.
  5. Thai Lion Air and Smile Air.

Don muang airport Bangkok [/ caption]

The Don Muang airport is the older airport in the city so you will not find high-tech gadgets. You meet Chinese people at the airport, just like everywhere nowadays, and there are separate rows for Chinese passports.

Nice destinations from Don Muang airport Bangkok

Get out for the visa or just curious about beautiful places … You can fly to many destinations from Don Muang airport.

The destinations that are worth finding within Thailand:

  • Koh Samui
  • Chiangmai
  • Krabi and Phuket
  • Luang Prabang Laos
  • Penang Malaysia
  • Phennompeng Cambodia
  • Hanoi Vietnam
  • Etc.

The airline tickets with the 5 aforementioned active ‘low cost carriers’ are affordable and that makes it fun.

The food in restaurants on the Don Muang is more expensive than in the city but reasonable and tasty, at least we thought so. The healthy fruit shakes were 95baht, but then you will end up with your daily dose of vitamins.

How to get to Don Muang Airport Bangkok?

In Bangkok you have to take into account long travel time because of all traffic jams everywhere. There is a toll road from the center to Don Muang airport so if you want to avoid traffic jams take the highway as there are sometimes traffic jams. The easiest way to get to Don Muang airport is by taxi. The sky train is under construction and will come into operation in 2019.

View arrival times?

Do you want to know what time your friends land? Whether they are still delayed. Then look here:

Departure times?

If you just want to know if your flight is leaving on time, you can check that at

Here you will find all departure information of flights departing today. You can also check whether there is a delay. So handy!

The Thai word for airport is “Sanaambin” so now all you have to do is get on a taxi



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