Nederlands Managment op Koh Samui

A Koh Samui Resort with Dutch management


It is nice to read that Dutch Management on Koh Samui provides good quality? That is why we pay attention to this here in this article. Since 2012, Secret Garden Resort on Koh Samui is owned and operated by John Vermeulen and Rik van der Voort, both from the Netherlands. They run the resort together with – as they like to call it – the ‘Dream Team’ from Secret Garden.

Dutch Management on Koh Samui

Dutch Management on Koh Samui[/caption

John worked for many years as a TV director and his profession brought him to many countries around the world. During his visits to Koh Samui, he fell in love with this amazing tropical island. So he decided to follow his dream and live permanently on the island. His new challenge was to start a trendy, relaxed, intimate ‘Boutique Resort’ right on the beach. When John discovered Secret Garden Beach Resort, he thought it was great to create a bit of magic at this beautiful location. He asked Rik to join him in order to realize his dream and so this Dutch management developed on Koh Samui Island.

Rik used to work as ‘Chef de Cuisine’ and has more than 20 years of culinary experience in Europe and Thailand. He ran a very popular restaurant on Koh Samui for several years before joining Secret Garden.

[caption id="attachment_11532" align="alignnone" width="625"]Secret Garden restaurant foodchoices Nederlands Management op Koh Samui Secret Garden restaurant foodchoices

This Dutch Management on Koh Samui provided a complete and stylish makeover, both restaurant and resort. They introduced new menus with authentic Thai dishes, homemade pizzas in Italian style and a complete European menu inspired by French and Mediterranean cuisine.

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The Secret Garden team has only one goal: to make guests feel at home and provide them with everything that helps them to create their dream holiday. They like to share their knowledge of Koh Samui and the surrounding islands and are always happy to help the guests in every possible way.

Nederlands Managment op Koh Samui

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A Koh Samui Resort with Dutch management




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