Tamarind Markt Huahin (4)

Tamarine Market Huahin


Welcome to Tamarine Market Huahin! Tamarine Market is just a stone’s throw away from the famousCicada Market, so let’s explain why you can not skip this market.

Tamarine Market Huahin

Tamarine Market Huahin

The little brother of Cicada is Tamarine Market, so named because of the Tamarine trees on the edge of the small park. At the front along the main road you will find a retro, relaxed atmosphere in both the dining and entertainment areas, although most people tend to either enter Cicada on the side or from the rear parking lot. This market is not an official part of Tamarind, although their name is in Thai Dta-Laat Ma-Khaam or in English Tamarine Market.

The first thing you notice about the real Tamarine market is the layout of the food stalls, before you hear the sounds of the local band. Here you will find traditional Thai dishes and many international favorites such as pizza, American style ribs, pasta and sushi. There is less selection than at Cicada, but the ease of discovery is better. Local suppliers are optimistic to recognize you and tempt you to taste what they cook.

Where and When is Tamarine Market Huahin open?

This night market is not open every day, so keep this in mind. If you are driving, there is parking just across the main road from the entrance to Cicada or behind Tamarind. The local Green Songthaews are both ways beyond both markets and there are always Tuk-Tuks ready to take you.

Opening times at Tamarine Market:

Thursdays untill Sundays, 4 days a week, from 17:00 onwards.



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