songkran festival 2019

Thai festival Songkran 2019


The modern Thai festival Songkran 2019 is “the feast of the water” because we want to make everyone, acquaintances and strangers for three days. This is an party around the hottest day of the year. In addition to the water, we also lubricate each other with talcum powder in the face. This is sometimes very polite but not always. If you have never experienced this festival before and you are young and enjoy socializing, it is worth visiting. Especially in Bangkok around Khaosan Road. Also Huahin is very nice but they start there on April 12 in the evening. Check out our video in Roi Et at the centre of town this year Happy Songkran!

Background from Thai festival Songkran 2019
In the morning the monks wash the Buddha statues (to beg for enough rain for the rice fields) and often small animals are released from their cages. Grandparents, older relatives and teachers are also honored by the younger generation during these days. With the palms together, the young people pour perfumed water over the hands of the elderly. In return, they get good health, longevity and prosperity wishes.

During Thai festival Songkran 2019 a lot of music is made, danced and drunk. It is a party for all generations. For young people it is a good opportunity to get acquainted with peers of the opposite sex without too much supervision.

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