Songkran festival 2014

watergevechten in Thailand

water Songkran festival 2014

It is almost time because tomorrow the Songkran Festival in Thailand starts. The Thai era is 2557 this year. From 13 April we will celebrate the traditional New Year for 3 days with the Thai people. April is the hottest part of the year and that is why everyone can use cooling. After showing respect to the elderly in the morning, the party of throwing water, talcum powder and fun can soon begin! During Songkran a lot of music is also made, danced and drunk. It is a party for everyone but of course this is extra super for the youth. Throwing water and shooting is everywhere so it’s better to stay in your room if you don’t want to get wet tomorrow. Let’s have fun.

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Songkran vieren

Are you ready? Celebrate Songkran

Celebrate Songkran
Are you ready? Time to celebrate Songkran!



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