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AIRBNB Thailand rentals pros and cons


Booking websites such as AIRBNB Thailand and offer the possibility to rent private apartments or houses from private individuals for a short period. In other words they charge a rate per night and that is against Thai Law. The main issue money! Resort and hotels lose business to airbnb Thailand and the government too because they get less tax income. So now Thailand has stipulated new laws in order to protect their hotel- and resort industry.

Thai Law Warnings

We regularly see warnings on banners in popular beach towns such as Hua Hin, Cha-am and Pattaya. Below are clear pictures we took of warning banners.

  1. At the exit of the Lumpini Cha-am. an apartment complex by the sea.
    airbnb in thailand

    Lumpini -short rental illegal

    Read the English “Short Period Room Rental Agreement translated daily or weekly against the Hotel Act” means that rental contracts for a short period of one night or a week contradict the Hotel law, Immigration law and building management law. So rent an apartment through AIRBNB Thailand for a couple of days, you would break 3 Thai laws.

  2. Here in Marrakesh apartement complex, the banner is in four languages: English, Russian, Thai andChinese.
    Airbnb Thailand Marrakesh short rentals forbidden

    Marrakesh short rentals forbidden

    This is the English version so renting per night via AIRBNB Thailand or is in violation of the legislation.

We, MY Rooms Thailand, have had to cancel a short-term booking for an apartment in Hua hin, in the month of July. We have pointed them towards a nice hotel instead. Simply because the landlord committee had a meeting about this new legislation. On you can read about a court ruling in Hua Hin about a short stay in Wan Vayla condomium complex in Khao Tao. In BangkokPost you find read more about the fines you can get.

Now that we know what can happen if people rent illegally, we advise you not to rent private homes and apartments for a short time. Rent per month, not per day so you can overwinter with confidence.

Buyers don’t buy just to rent out with AIRBNB Thailand

This gentlemen, from Los Angelos, is warning us about warning not to buy property. These are the potential problems with renting a property on Airbnb and exactly how to avoid them as an investor.
Many reasons also apply in Thailand aswell. Problems about parties and the dependency on airbnb’s  cashflow are definitely true.

video about Illegal AIRBNB Thailand

Airbnb Thailand is a great alternative to staying in hotels if you want more freedom and space. However, lately Thai law has been used to try to stop the success of airbnb in Thailand.

This video looks at the current and possible future implications for airbnb customers in Thailand. We use our current experience of staying in airbnb rented condominiums to explain what the policy seems to be. We also look at the reasons why airbnb is being challenged in Thailand and what the future might hold.



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