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Corona Covid-19 in Thailand


The RIVMdefines the Corona virus as an infection and they describe as Corona Covid-19 in Thailand. Coronaviruses can cause lung and respiratory infections in humans and animals.

The approach and lines in the country

However, the Prime Minister of Thailand said he had already ordered preparations for a possible third phase. The third stage means transmission of illness to a second person, third person, and so on. Thailand remains at a manageable stage,” he said. “It’s about facility preparation. It includes beds in existing facilities and additional facilities. These could be military hospitals, some private hospitals and even some hotels. They would be used as additional quarantine points,” said General Prayut.

Corona Covid-19 in Thailand airport

The travel advice

The Nederlandse ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken has announced that the travel advice for Thailand has been adjusted. The local government in Thailand is taking very drastic measures to reduce the risk of spread. There are entry restrictions for travelers from certain countries where the coronavirus has been diagnosed.

Tourism and Covid-19 in Thailand

Tourism companies are urging the state to impose a two-week block to prevent the virus from spreading to provincial areas. It’s not too late to completely shut down the country, taking both land and air connections two weeks or up to one month will be closed as an urgent measure to address the outbreak, said Chamnan Srisawat, president of the Thai Federation of Provincial Tourist Associations (TFOPTA). The federation plans to propose the closure at a meeting of all tourism-related associations today, with the approval of other tourism companies. Mr Chamnan said that the government should start a shutdown as soon as possible before the coronavirus spreads to all parts of the country, especially during Songkran , the Thai New Year.

lockdown is the best option
Narathiwat temporary border control posts closed
Bars, schools are closed for 14 days

Thailand’s Ministry of Health reported 35 new cases of coronavirus disease (Covid-19) on Wednesday, bringing the number of local infections to 212, warning that a lack of personal discipline could make the outbreak uncontrollable.

Prevent the virus

Dr. Suwannachai Watanayingcharoenchai, director general of the disease control department, divided the new cases into two groups. The first of 29 were people in contact with previous patients and the locations where previous patients visited – 13 visitors to boxing stadiums, four visitors to entertainment venues, and 12 people in close contact with previous patients. The second group of six was a Thai returnees from Cambodia, four of whom worked closely with foreigners and one of whom was investigating the case.

“This goes together with the disease study, which found that new patients showed risky behaviors and did not follow the advice of the Department of Health. They continued to visit high-risk areas and crowded places, party and fail to reduce social activities. Quarantine others and themselves.”

Those sick people passed the disease on to family members and friends, and infected children and the elderly, and those with chronic illness suffered from serious symptoms, he said.

He asked visitors to Lumpini and Ratchadamnoen boxing stadiums from March 6 to 8 and people who visited nightlife and night restaurants in Bangkok on March 9 and 10 to monitor their own condition for 14 days and see a doctor when they cough, sore throat, runny nose or breathing difficulties.

Stay home with complaints of the common cold, cough, sore throat or fever. Avoid social contacts.
If you have no complaints, work from home as much as possible or try to spread working hours.
Ensure good hygiene measures:

  • Wash your hands regularly with soap and water
  • Cough and sneeze in the inside of your elbow
  • Use tissue paper
  • Do not shake hands

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